Sunday, July 30, 2017

Investigating the McLeod-Dority Connection

Since I discovered the name Anne Doherty in Annie Agnes McLeod's Death Registration (see previous post) which has thrown up the question of whether Annie Agnes's mother is Anne Doherty or Henriette Mundy, I've been reviewing some of the family records. While I haven't found any definite proof either way, I've found the surname Doherty (or more accurately, Dority) staring me in the face in a number of records.

First, in the marriage record between John McLeod and Henriette Mundy, there is a Margaret Dority as a witness:

Next, in the 1861 census there appears to be an M.A. Dority either living with the family or next to the family

Same with in the 1871 census, when the family had moved to Hamilton:

I've also discovered that one of John & Henriette's daughters as named Amy Dorrity McLeod:

And finally, we find a marriage record for Margaret Dority, and both John McLeod and Annie Agnes McLeod are witnesses. Worth noting: the groom comes from Cobourg.

So what this all means, I'm not sure of yet. But there's definitely some connection between the McLeod family and the Dority surname.

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