Sunday, February 18, 2018

X00052 Solved!

It's always nice when you find something that you weren't looking for. I was looking through the baptism records of St James Anglican Cathedral in Toronto. I didn't find the record I was hoping for, but instead, I found this:

Now, I still need to get the original document, but from the index, it appears that I have the proof I was looking for to prove that Henry Mundy and Ann Taylor are the parents of Henriette Elizabeth Mundy.

Also of note is that Frances Moore who would have been her brother-in-law is one of the sponsors. Not sure who Mary Moore is though.

So, as an updated timeline, we have:
  • March 1827 - Henry Mundy marries Ann Sidney Taylor
  • October 1827 - Henry Mundy dies in a boating accident
  • December 1827 - Ann Sidney Taylor Mundy gives birth to Henrietta Elizabeth Mundy
  • January 1827 - Henriette E.Mundy's Baptism
  • May 1831 - Thomas Dority marries Ann Sidney Taylor Mundy
  • August 1848 - Henrietta Elizabeth Mundy marries John McLeod
  • December 1850 - John and Henrietta McLeod have a daughter Annie Agnes McLeod

Of course, now that I confirmed these parents, I now need to start new X-Files to find each of their parents:
X00239 Henry Mundy birth & parents
X00201 Mrs. Oakes who died in 1828 in St. Catherines

Sunday, February 11, 2018

X00080 Solved!

Question: Multiple William Hardys in Peel in the 1871 Census. Which one is the correct one?

The 1871 Census of Ontario has two listings for a William Hardy born about 1830 in Peel Region. One in Meadowvale [D01576] and one in Streetsville [D03311]. The question is which one is the one that is the son of Lancelot Hardy?

The William Hardy of Meadowvale [D01576] appears to be the correct one for a number of reasons:
  • The other Hardy family members also settled around Meadowvale
  • The names and ages of the other family members seems to coincide with the family in other censuses.
  • William Hardy’s profession is listed as a blacksmith, which coincides with other census results as well as the profession listed in the marriage record between him and Aveline Burns [D00733].

D00733 - Ontario Archives of Ontario, Ontario, Canada Marriages, MS932; Reel: 96: 615, 4, Hardy-Burns; digital images,, "Ontario, Canada Marriages".

D01576 – 1871 Census of Canada, Ontario, District 39, Sub-district 03, Toronto Township, p. 22, Dwelling 81, Family 86; RG 31.

D03311 - 1871 Census of Canada, Ontario, District 39, Sub-district b, Streetsville, p. 22, Dwelling 66, Family 68; RG 31.

Monday, February 5, 2018

X00153 Solved!

I managed to come across the marriage record for William Miller and Jane Hardy, June 22 1857.

Some interesting findings:
* It's not where I would have expected the marriage to be. It's in Wellington, Prince Edward County. I haven't found any connections to Prince Edward County with either the Miller or Hardy families.
* William's place of birth is listed as the United States, which may be a lead, although other sources list his place of birth as Upper Canada.
* This confirms the names of both sets of parents, as expected. One thing to note is that this is only the second record that I have seen that lists William's mother as Margaret. Only the first name is given unfortunately, because I have only found one record so far that lists Margaret's last name, and I have my doubts about it (see X00055)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Leach Marriage Record found!

I have managed to find the marriage record for Charles Leach and Margaret Delahaye [D02745].

Based on the fact that they both are unmarried in the 1851 census and their first child was born around 1853, I figured that they married between 1851 and 1853. Sure enough, I managed to find them in the records for St. Luke's Anglican Church married on February 4 1853.

A couple of notes:
1. Charles' occupation is listed as yeoman. I have not seen a record that describes his profession as a yeoman to date. He's usually been listed as a carpenter
2. It is a bit unusual that they would be married in an Anglican church when it is very likely that Margaret comes from a Roman Catholic background. Then again, given the time period and the region, there may not have been much in the way of church options to get married in.

X00151 is now closed!

Some preacher of heresy....

I have a new X-file to investigate for the surname Doritty. The records of St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church in Niagara lists this baptism in either 1890 or 1891 for a male child with the surname "Doritty" (see below). No first name is given.

The record has a note below the entry stating that
"This was conditional, the boy having been 'baptized' by some preacher of heresy, when a babe."

This appears to be a child of John V. Dorrity and Cecelia Fellows, although the 1891 census does not show them having a child born in 1890 or 1891. Nor can I find anything in the Ontario Birth Indexes. So, perhaps it was one of their sons born earlier and they were only recording the entry later.

Definitely worth investigating though. I'm wondering what constituted a "preacher of heresy" back in the 1890s?

Monday, September 4, 2017

A String of Accidents

Continuing the search for the Mundy/Dority relationship I came across this obituary for a Francis Moore that provides a great deal of information:

Unfortunately for Mrs. Moore (I have since found out that her first name is Sarah), it seems that she has faced a great deal of tragedy in her life. But it certainly gives a great deal of information for me to follow up on.

For one thing, it references her brother in law Henry Monday drowning in the Niagara River in 1827 referencing the findings I posted last time. So she is likely the sister of Anne Sidney Taylor. It also mentions that her father was a Sergeant Taylor and that her mother remarried a man named Oakes.

So, here are the new X-Files to investigate:
  • Investigate a Sergeant Taylor (likely father of Anne Sidney Taylor) who died at the siege of Badajoz, Spain in 1812 [X00200]
  • Investigate a Mrs Oakes (likely mother of Anne Sidney Taylor) who died in St. Catherines in 1828 [X00201]
  • Investigate a Sergeant Oakes (likely step-father of Anne Sidney Taylor) who drowned in the Niagara River around 1821 [X00202]
  • Investigate a Francis Moore (likely brother-in-law of Anne Sidney Taylor) who died in Hamilton in 1831 [X00203]
  • Investigate a Sarah Taylor-Oakes-Moore (likely sister of Anne Sidney Taylor) [X00204]