Sunday, May 6, 2018

X00001: When/where did Edwin Ashton die?

For X00001, I’m looking for a date of death and place for Edwin Ashton, Lawrence Ashton’s older brother. The one lead I have is from the Ashton family bible:

The year of death is recorded as 1950. Interestingly, the listing for Edwin shows only the year of death, but for all of the other children there is a full date given. This implies to me that whoever was the owner of the bible was not likely in close contact with Edwin.

Here is a roundup of what I know so far:
  • Edwin’s date of birth is November 12, 1884 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England [D00373]
  • Edwin’s second marriage was in 1923 to Clara Scattergood Butler (b 1884) [D00737]
  • Edwin seems to have moved back and forth between England and Canada. He was married in Canada, but he fought for the British Army in WW1.
  • I haven’t found much in the way of evidence after 1923, although I have found Edwin and Clara were on a passenger list arriving in Glasgow, Scotland in 1939

So, assuming that the year of death of 1950 is accurate, the options for death location are Canada, Scotland, England or elsewhere.

Scotland Possibility
I checked the Scotland death registrations for 1950 and did not find any Edwin Ashtons.

Ontario Possibility
Death registrations are not yet available for 1950 in Ontario. See next steps below

England Possibility
I’ve found two Edwin Ashtons listed as having died in 1950:
  • Ashton, Edwin. Age 85, Hitchin, Hertfordshire vol 4b p153 [D02301]
  • Ashton, Edwin. Age 65 Alcester, Warwickshire vol 9c p2 [D00319]
We can rule out the first possibility [D02301] because the age is off by about 20 years.
For the second possibility [D00319], the informant on the registration is a son-in-law named E.W. Savage. I found a marriage record between an E.W. Savage and Edith Ashton [D00004] in 1942. So, the question is, is Edith Ashton the daughter of this Edwin Ashton? According to the marriage record, Edith would have been born about 1921 in Alcester, Warwickshire England and Edwin & Ellen Ashton would have been living in Canada in 1921, so very unlikely.

Since this is the least likely of the possibilities, I'm going to rule out the others before proceeding with this one.

Next Steps
  • Wait for the 1950 Death registrations to be released for Ontario (should be in 2023)
  • Continue to monitor Find a grave and other sites for Clara Ashton & Edwin Ashton in Canada/US cemeteries
  • Possibly check 1945 register to see if he was living in Ontario then
  • Check Ontario newspapers for a death notice
  • Check Toronto Directories to see if living in Ontario

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ruling out possible marriage record for William Hardy

I came across the following indexed record [D03486] for a marriage between a William Hardie and a Janet Burns in 1845:

At first it seemed like it could be a match for William Hardy's first marriage to a woman named Jane. I have, however, decided to rule it out for the following reasons:
  • The location of York Mills is not exactly where I would have expected the marriage to be. The family seems to have settled around Peel Region, although they moved around a bit in the first few years, so York Mills is not outside the realm of possibility.
  • The spelling of the last name as "Hardie" rather than "Hardy" is off, although I have seen it spelled that way before.
  • The last name of the bride of "Burns" is not what I would have expected. Other records point to a maiden name of "Irwin".
  • The biggest issue seems to be the timing of the marriage. The marriage date given is 1845. Most records seem to point towards a birth year of 1830 for William Hardy and 1832 for Jane. This would put them at 15 and 13 years of age at the time of the marriage. Their first child (as far as I have been able to tell) was born around 1856, so most likely their marriage would have been closer to 1855.

All in all it seems to be too far off from the known data to be a match. But the timing of the marriage seems to make this very unlikely to be the same couple. So, I'm ruling this document out.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Investigating Lancelot Hardy after 1850

There are two Lancelot Hardy's in the Hardy family that I am investigating: One born about 1793 and his son born about 1827, both in Yorkshire England. I have both of their baptism records, and they both appear in the 1841 census, but there is very little information about either of them after 1850.

Issues to investigate:
  1. What happened to Lancelot the younger? The older appears to have died in 1874 and is buried in Churchville Cemetery, Meadowvale, Ontario, Canada. I haven't found a death notice or record for either of them and have not found a cemetery record or burial record for Lancelot the younger.
  2. Which of the two married Jane Tricker? There is evidence that a Lancelot Hardy and Jane Tricker were parents to a Sarah Jane Hardy (b. abt. 1844), Henry Reilly Hardy (b. abt 1849) and George Hardy (b. abt. 1860). So, that would suggest a marriage date of about 1843 or so. She remarried in 1876, so whichever one she married would have died before then.
  3. Which of the two married Ester Riley in 1850? There are no ages or parents given for the marriage, so can't determine which one it is. And I have not seen Ester Riley in any other record.
  4. Which Lancelot Hardy appears in the 1861 census with Jane? The age is shown as 50, or a year of birth of 1811, so it could conceivably be either of them.
  5. When did Ester Riley Hardy die? Where is she buried?
  6. When did Ann Wood Hardy die? Where is she buried?

Known Facts:
  • Lancelot Hardy the older born about 1793 in Yorkshire, Married to Ann Wood
  • Lancelot Hardy the younger born about 1827 in Yorkshire
  • Both appear in the 1841 census in England
  • Presumably the family emigrated to Canada in their early 1840s, around 1840
  • One of them likely married Jane Tricker
  • One of them likely married Ester Riley (the marriage years overlap, so it was likely not the same person married to both)
  • Lancelot Hardy the older died in 1874
  • None of the above names have been found in the 1851 or 1871 censuses. One of the Lancelots and Jane Tricker have been found in the 1861 Census of Canada.
  • Maria Hardy, daughter of Lancelot & Anne Wood Hardy was born Oct 29, 1844, so Anne Wood Hardy was alive at that date.
  • One of them appears in an 1866 directory of the Home District and the profession is listed as “Gardener”. Lancelot Hardy the elder’s profession appears as a miller on most records, so this could likely be the younger one


1. Lancelot Hardy the older married Ester Riley & Lancelot Hardy the younger married Jane Tricker
Anne Wood Hardy dies between 1844 and 1850
Lancelot Hardy the younger marries Jane Tricker about 1843
Lancelot Hardy the older marries Ester Riley in 1850
Lancelot Hardy the older dies in 1874
Lancelot Hardy the younger dies before 1876
Ester Riley Hardy dies ??

2. Lancelot Hardy the younger married Ester Riley & Lancelot Hardy the older married Jane Tricker
Anne Wood Hardy dies about 1844
Lancelot Hardy the older marries Jane Tricker about 1844
Lancelot Hardy the younger marries Ester Riley in 1850
Lancelot Hardy the older dies in 1874
Lancelot Hardy the younger dies ??
Ester Riley Hardy dies ??

Documents that would give some answers:
  • If I could find Lancelot Sr or Jr, Ester or Jane in the 1851 census
  • If I could find the other Lancelot or Ester in the 1861 census
  • If I could find Lancelot Sr or Jr, Ester or Jane in the 1871 census
  • If I could find a death record for Lancelot the older
  • If I could find a death record for Lancelot the younger, or any later record, for that matter
  • If I could find a death/burial record for Esther Riley Hardy
  • If I could find a date of death/burial record for Anne Wood Hardy
  • If I could find a will for either Lancelot Hardy
  • If I could find either one in land records

Next actions:
  • Look for will for Lancelot Hardy (either)
  • Look for land records for either Lancelot hardy
  • Check for assessment/collector rolls for either Lancelot hardy

Sunday, March 25, 2018

X00241: Are Ann Hardy Barnhill and Mary Hardy Hyatt Sisters?

One of families that I’m researching at the present time is the Hardy family who came from Farndale, Yorkshire, England to what is now Peel Region in Ontario Canada in the 1840s. Lancelot Hardy and Ann Wood had several children and I’ve been able to trace most of them to Ontario.

Right now I’m trying to determine if Ann Hardy Barnhill and Mary Hardy Hyatt are sisters.

Ann Hardy married John Barnhill (1824-1868) around 1862. They had two children (that I have been able to identify so far): Nancy Maria Barnhill (1863-1929) and William John Barnhill (1867-1909).

Mary Hardy married Matthew Hyatt (1846-1909) around 1869. They had several children before she died in 1884. Matthew remarried after she died.

I’m definitely sure that Ann Hardy is the daughter of Lancelot and Ann; one record I’ve found gives their names as the parents. I haven’t found the same for Mary yet, but Lancelot and Ann did have a daughter named Mary and the information is definitely consistent with their daughter being the same one that was married to Matthew Hyatt. But I have yet to find definite proof.

The two families were definitely close. They lived in the same area and after Mary died, some of her children started living with the Barnhills and adopted the surname Barnhill. So, it's very likely.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

X00199 - Solved!

A couple of years ago I went to the Peel Archives to look up the Perkins-Bull collection for the surname Hardy. In it, I came across this record:

The record indicates that Lancelot Hardy the younger lived from about 1860 to 1896 and was buried in St Peter’s Cemetery in Erindale.

According to the record above, there was a Lancelot Hardy who was born about 1860 and died in 1896 and was buried at St Peter’s Anglican church in Erindale. The problem is that:
  • I can’t find a death record in the Ontario death registrations for a Lancelot Hardy in 1896
  • The cemetery transcriptions for St Peter’s Cemetery do not show a Lancelot Hardy
  • I’ve contacted the Anglican Church archives and they don’t have a burial record

I also went to the cemetery and couldn’t find a stone.

I was about to conclude that Perkins-Bull had the wrong information, or that no stone existed, but then I checked the cemetery transcription for the nearby Erindale Cosmopolitan Cemetery and found a listing there.

Then I went to cemetery and actually found the stone. It’s very worn and difficult to read, but you can make out some of it.

Next, to see about finding a death or burial record.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Finding Margaret Farriage: X00055 Analysis

Some time ago, I had posted that the Margaret Farriage that is married to George Miller is not the one born in Rothbury, England in 1804. So, it's time to re-evaluate and take a look at what is known and what is unknown.

Known facts about Margaret Farriage:
  • The only source that I have found that gives her full name is from the Marriage Bonds of Upper Canada p 239 [D00800]
  • She married George Miller, carriage maker on Oct 25, 1832 in Toronto Township (now Peel Region). Church not known. [D00800]
  • At the time of her marriage was living in Nelson Township (now Burlington, Ontario) [D00800]
  • She appears to have given birth to two sons, John born about 1833 and William born 10 May 1834. I don't have sources identified at this time to confirm John Miller's birth, so that may not be reliable.
  • William Miller's Marriage Records lists his parents as George & Margaret Miller [D03152]. No maiden name given.
  • She likely died some time between May 10 1834 (likely date of birth for William Miller) and Dec 9 1835 (likely date when George Miller married Amelia Grant Munro) [need source]
  • According to the 1891 Census, she is of Scottish Origin [D00772]. That being said, this was several years after she had died and William Miller would have been very young when she died.
  • At some point, the Miller family moved from Nelson to Cooksville [Need Sources].

  • To this date, I have not found the surname Farriage elsewhere in Halton, Peel or southern Ontario for that matter, so I am questioning whether or not that is the real surname. On the marriage licence record itself, the name Farriage was spelled exactly like carriage and marriage which also appear on the form, so it could easily be something that sounded like Farriage.
  • Based on the fact that she was married in 1832 and George Miller was born in 1809, a likely range for her year of birth would be 1805 to 1815
  • Based on her last child birth and when George got remarried, a likely range for year of death would be 1834-1835
  • As mentioned in a previous blog post, there is a Margaret Farridge born in Rothbury, Northumberland, England in 1804 [D00089], but I have ruled out that individual as a possibility because she died in 1809 [D01638] [See D03104]. I have checked the Baptism registers to see if the family renamed a later child Margaret but did not find anything.

Research Strategies:
  1. Investigate the possibility that her last name was not Farriage. There is only one source that mentions a name. Note that the written name Farriage appears exactly as carriage. Could it have been that the person writing the bond spelled it the same way as carriage or marriage? We can rule out this possibility if we find a second source that corroborates the name. Some things to pursue:
    • Look for a second source that mentions the marriage and check the name: church records, newspapers, etc. George Miller was strongly Weselyan Methodist
    • Look for a marriage record for William Miller & Jane Hardy (married 1857) [D03152] Marriage record does not mention a maiden name
    • Look for records (marriage, death, census etc) for John Miller born 1833 [X00223]

  2. Look for records of a Margaret Farriage, or Farriage family living in the Burlington Area
    • Check with the Burlington Public Library for directories, news, anything from the time period
      • Gravestones/cemetery records
      • Directories
      • Tweedsmuir Histories
      • Newspapers
      • Old books on early settlement
    • Check Hamilton Public Library - same list as above
    • Check Mississauga Public Library - same list as above
    • Check Halinet search

  3. Investigate the possibility that William and/or John were born later than 1834. Look for:
    • Birth information for William Miller [X00158]
    • Birth information for John MIller [X00223]
    • 1851 Census information for the Miller family [X00082]

  4. Look for a Margaret Farrish (or other variant names) born in Scotland around 1810
    • Check with Scotlands People

Sunday, February 18, 2018

X00052 Solved!

It's always nice when you find something that you weren't looking for. I was looking through the baptism records of St James Anglican Cathedral in Toronto. I didn't find the record I was hoping for, but instead, I found this:

Now, I still need to get the original document, but from the index, it appears that I have the proof I was looking for to prove that Henry Mundy and Ann Taylor are the parents of Henriette Elizabeth Mundy.

Also of note is that Frances Moore who would have been her brother-in-law is one of the sponsors. Not sure who Mary Moore is though.

So, as an updated timeline, we have:
  • March 1827 - Henry Mundy marries Ann Sidney Taylor
  • October 1827 - Henry Mundy dies in a boating accident
  • December 1827 - Ann Sidney Taylor Mundy gives birth to Henrietta Elizabeth Mundy
  • January 1827 - Henriette E.Mundy's Baptism
  • May 1831 - Thomas Dority marries Ann Sidney Taylor Mundy
  • August 1848 - Henrietta Elizabeth Mundy marries John McLeod
  • December 1850 - John and Henrietta McLeod have a daughter Annie Agnes McLeod

Of course, now that I confirmed these parents, I now need to start new X-Files to find each of their parents:
X00239 Henry Mundy birth & parents
X00201 Mrs. Oakes who died in 1828 in St. Catherines